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Approaches In Therapy

We specialize and integrate from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches. Discover the most suitable psychological treatments for your needs. Explore the various therapeutic approaches and their effectiveness.
"Therapy should not be about pulling a formula from a textbook."
In therapy, we pick and choose the tools and approaches best suited to your needs and your goals. You are unique, and have needs that may or may not be receptive to a singular methodology, we integrate several proven modalities for a truly holistic approach. Having in-depth knowledge of these approaches allows us to tailor treatment interventions to suit the specific nature of your concerns.
Approaches We Work With

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) continues to be the most extensively utilized evidence-based treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and a variety of other common mental health conditions. CBT’s fundamental formula is increasing awareness of both negative thoughts and the behaviors that reinforce them. Its fundamental idea is that how you feel is determined by your interpretation of events, not by the events themselves. Through an active and systematic approach, you will build effective skills for altering your perception of your experiences and correcting maladaptive ideas and thoughts before they have a chance to bring you down.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

To be mindful is to be present. Additionally, it may be regarded as a technique aimed at gradually regaining control of one’s attention and bringing it into the present moment. Your attention is a valuable resource that is required for learning, performing at your best at work, and engaging in relationships. If your mind is always fretting about the future or dwelling on the past, practicing mindfulness can help.

Trauma Focused Therapy

Trauma treatment is customized to your specific scenario. We will work together in therapy to uncover areas of possible previous wounds, to revisit these events, and to give validation and compassion for those experiences. Therapy is conducted at your leisure and in a non-judgmental, friendly setting. This form of healing has the potential to create significant opportunities for progress in a variety of areas of life.

Attachment Based Therapy

Recognizing that our early connections influenced how we learnt (or did not learn) to cope with and control our emotions might assist us in focusing on the areas we need to concentrate on now. With the appropriate education and therapy method, adults can learn emotion regulation (the ability to control the intensity and duration of unpleasant feelings such as fear, rage, or grief). For better or worse, our early years taught us a great deal about how relationships function, instilling in us a fundamental sense of self-worth and expectations of the world. This acts as a critical foundation and serves as a guide throughout therapy sessions in order to identify and target the areas that require immediate healing.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy looks into unconscious ideas, feelings, and motives. Your childhood experiences have influenced your response to and interpretation of reality. Adulthood entails developing your own map that assists you in making sense of and navigating the world around you. However, if you have endured traumatic experiences, this may have resulted in unpleasant thoughts and emotions that are pushed into your unconscious but still shape your interactions with the world around you. When these unconscious emotions are awakened, defensive mechanisms such as denial, suppression, and reasoning may be triggered to prevent you from being overwhelmed by painful feelings. As a consequence, you become imprisoned in repeated patterns of behavior that you are unable to break free from due to your lack of understanding.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

EFT is a brief therapy that aims to produce tangible effects. EFT is a technique that focuses on assisting you and your partner in reprocessing the emotional experience that lies behind the inflexible negative interactional patterns that keep you locked. The therapist guides the couple through a succession of well-defined stages, from conflict impasse through the development of new bonding relationships.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

The Gottman Method is a unique style of couples therapy that evolved from Prof. John Gottman’s decades of research into the elements that influence whether couples stay together or not. Gottman was able to discover the habits that contribute to good marriages through his studies. One of his most notable conclusions was that when couples argue constructively, conflict may really be a good factor in their relationship.

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